Staging…What Happens Behind the Scenes!

When you hire MQ & Associates to be part of your home selling team, you automatically have a Staging Professional on your side at no additional cost to you!  When potential buyers are walking through the front door, within 2 seconds they are already making an initial assessment – whether this house is right for them based on the ambience that is created by enhancements such as furniture placement, lighting, and “move in” appearance – or lack of.  This is equally true when they look at pictures online!

Here is a little bit about how the process works:

Assessment — Our Staging Team will come by your home, take before pictures, and make notes.  You do not need to be home for this.  They will then confer with the other team members  regarding improvements, painting, updates, etc.  DO SOME, DO ALL, DO NONE!  We respect that this is your home.  Keep in mind what you decide to do here will directly affect the sales price. 

Staging Prep List Checklist   We may request that you do some items in your home before we come back to complete the staging process.  For example, move a piece of furniture to storage, declutter counters, etc. 

Contractor Estimates — Managed by our team if using MQ Preferred Vendors, we will set the appointments, meet the contractors at your home, suggest colors,  lighting fixtures, flooring, and more.

Professional Cleaning — You will be asked to have this done after the contractors complete their work.

Furniture Move-In   If required, we will schedule a time with you for our movers to arrive.

Staging — This is just a fancy name for getting your house in tip top shape and ready to put on the market so you get the maximum amount of money for your home.  The Staging Team will be back to place artwork, decorative items and other finishing touches in final preparation for putting your home on the market.